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Jordan: Hikayet Sitti (homemade food experience)

December 7, 2016

Hikayet Sitti (Tales of my Granny’s Place) is a restaurant located in Madaba, Jordan offering homemade food from a friendly and funny local Jordanian family. Forget the standard restaurant setting, this is literally their grandmother’s house (a gift to the couple) and was a real highlight of my trip. Even if you are not staying nearby I recommend the trip to this place; I feel very comfortable, as a foodie, telling you that the food is amazing!

We were offered a section of starters, from the fabulous hummus you see in the feature image of this post, to tahini, to this awesome cauliflower/ courgette dish which I am still currently dreaming about to this day. When the main came, I dug deep to try to finish it all – the portions were really generous! Homemade cookies and fruits are served to finish alongside juices, tea/coffee and wine/beer throughout the meal.



An array of starters


The main part of the meal


As I did this through work we didn’t receive any information about the prices! However if you drop them an email, I’m sure they’ll be happy to let you know.


Madaba, Jordan ‘The City of Mosaics’

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 20.31.37.png

Madaba in relation to the capital, Amman




Hikayet Sitti Facebook page>facebook icon



One does not get much happier than this!

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