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Paris: Ober Mamma (Italian food)

September 1, 2016

Three things you need to know about Ober Mamma: it has stunning Italian food with a twist, you can see out of the bathroom doors – but people can’t see you, and you may have to queue to get in.

I wouldn’t let my last point put you off, but I wan’t you to be prepared. I was brought here by locals and we arrived around 10 minutes after opening time and we waited about 10-15 minutes to get a table (however this was outside, I’m unsure what the wait time would be half been other wise).

It’s located in the trendy and ‘place to go out’ area of Oberkampf and is actually a 1/2 minute walk from the station. There was no English menu but the staff are brilliant and so breezy with their English you almost feel bad you ever asked for the menu!

Prices/ Menu


So sorry as I know the quality is so bad, hopefully you can see the prices!

I opted for a linguine pasta dish which featured some of the nicest tuna I think I have ever had. I really recommend it. I am not a huge tuna lover and definitely wouldn’t normally select it on a menu but it was such a pleasant surprise! (If you want to know why I went for it originally, it’s because I wanted a tomato based dish and was somewhat limited with my options).


Closest station: Oberkampf


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 23.39.52.png

Click the map to get the Google Map route!


Address: 107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France
Opening hours: 
Monday12:15–2:15pm, 7pm–1am
Tuesday12:15–2:15pm, 7pm–1am
Wednesday12:15–2:15pm, 7pm–1am
Thursday12:15–2:15pm, 6pm–1am
Friday12:15–2:15pm, 6pm–1am
Saturday12:15–3:30pm, 6pm–1am
Sunday12:15–3:30pm, 7pm–1am
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