Wading Wade was originally a travel blog I started in 2016, after backpacking in Thailand for three weeks without making any proper plans or booking accommodation.

During this time I looked for websites to book accommodations, blogs of things to do, and was often left feeling frustrated of the lack of ‘useful’ information. 

And so the blog was born! I used the tag line ‘your useful travel friend’ and shared useful lists of websites to help your travels, content that was explicit about how you could do things yourself, all through the lens of hostels, food and local travel experiences.

Fast forward to today, and I have lived abroad in four cities (excluding London). Then Covid happened, and travels further distances itself on the horizon for me, and I began to look closer to home as ground for local travels. I now live in Berlin, which is now ‘home’ for me.

At the same time, through the years, I have worked on my poetry and prose, and articles about dating, or ASMR, and these works lay on different websites or on random places on the internet. Which became a lot to ‘keep up’ with.

I wondered how to bring my work together in a way that made sense. 

The answer became clear to me recently. I wasn’t prepared to let go of Wading Wade. My travels have by no means stopped forever, and one day I want my children to be able to read about the adventures I went on, as inspiration for their own.

This blog when it was born was symbolic of someone wanted to know more of the world, knowing there were so many different versions of ‘life’ out there. Travel, these journeys, changed my view, my career, my relationships—and so my life.

With the relaunch of the site, you can see all categories of the things I write about, so it’s semi-portfolio too.

You can chose what content you want to consume, whether it’s about your journey finally moving abroad or you want itinerary inspo where you can travel deeper, or perhaps you want to delve into my poetry.

Now it is easy to navigate, and has even helped me discover old blogs I forgot about! You can expect, and already find the topics of:

  • Local travel in your home (with a Berlin twist)
  • What it’s like to live abroad and resources to help you move abroad
  • Travelling deeper, which means embracing local travel and learning
  • Poetry, prose and short stories (self explanatory)
  • Life and other musings (which is basically my miscellaneous category)  

What else to know about me? I work in Facebook ads marketing by day at a startup, and am the founder of WADED (The WADED Co), which offers educational, creative and lifestyle content for modern marketeers.

Writing wise, I am a Lonely Planet pathfinder, and was runner up for blog of the month for my story on a couple and cooking school from Bali.

My work has been featured in Black Ballad, Travel Noire, POSTSCRIPT London, BUSTLE, We Are Travel Girls, BRB Travel, RESET Travel and more.

I also love connecting with fellow writers, entrepreneurs and like-minded travellers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch through your medium-of-choice of that’s you.

And finally, enjoy reading!


Wondering where to start? I get it. Here is some inspiration for exploring the blog from the most read articles of the last two years.

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If you would like to work together please get in touch through the contact page.

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