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I reflect on my time at the Onion Co by recounting the final night. Regina, a lady who helps run the hostel had scribbled something on the back of a flyer and I picked up to read it:

“The Onion Co Mantra

4 agreements

1. Whatever you say are mantra

2. Never assuming

3. Don’t take personal

4. Do your best”

She signs it with her name.


It actually says more but than that but it’s the first part of what she wrote that stuck with me. To the left I look and see a sign ‘forget your ex’ (I laugh to myself) to the right, another sign ‘this way for the Passion Lab’. What is the Passion Lab you might be thinking? Why is this relevant? It sums the parts of my experience in this co-working space-meets-intimate-hostel-meets-inspirational-centre-meets-positive vibes-and-spirituality-meets-relaxing-holiday spot. Have I painted the picture? If not here’s another one:


The Onion Co is an organic home for Digital Nomads. I am not one, but when selecting a place to stay, I wanted to avoid a party hostel. Plus I absolutely love intimate hostels, and with 7 rooms in total, I can safely say it offers just that. It’s so intimate that when anyone who works there recognises your name from the ‘people-who-are-staying-here-board’, they say your name like you are an old friend, with a smile that you would use to greet your family, that you like of course.


I didn’t get too involved with the co-working aspect of the hostel. But one of my roommates would regularly tell me of talks and seminars she was going to attend that day, all which take place in the Passion Lab – a place to discover and live your passions. The co-working space is paid for by donations, and is a genuinely place to put your head down if you need to get some work done. I opted for working by the pool, near the kitchen, because I was definitely in holiday mode while I stayed here.


During my time here, a definite highlight was dipping my toes into Balinese culture with Manik, the activities manager. She taught me how to make the Balinese offerings (Canag) that are dotted on the street floors, and then she took me to a temple, to give the offering and teach me to pray like the Balinese do. Although a wide range of activities were available, my time with her was just one on one, which made it particularly special. One thing that stuck with me when I left Bali was the spirituality and contentment of the people – and Manik was no exception. I was able to carry her energy with me home, and capture the memory with a picture (see below).


Balinese offerings ‘Canang’


Manik and I giving our offerings at the temple


A bed in the ladies dorm (where I stayed) is £10 a night, but there are private/ couple room options available for a little extra.


Located in central Ubud, a nice easy walking distance to many places like the Monkey Forest or the famous Yoga Barn.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 21.00.45.png

Click for directions in Google maps to The Onion Co

Additional info

—> Book a room at The Onion Co 

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5 thoughts on “Bali: The Onion Co hostel

  1. travelbff says:

    Aww I love how you always connect with the culture and people on your travels. It makes the Onion Co Hostel sound like a family rather than a business <3 Thx for sharing!!!

    • Wading Wade says:

      Thank you so much for this comment. That means so much because I see that you really get what I’m trying to achieve 🙂 I will do my best to do more of these types of things <3

  2. Joan says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m staying at the Onion next month (same space as yours) and seeing your post just verified my choice of space! I was wondering though if the female dorm had a space for luggage? Thanks so much for sharing again!

    • Wading Wade says:

      Amazing! Love that ❤️ I sort of just left mine on the floor next to my bed. But also there are large shelves where you could put it if you want (one per person). And it’s my pleasure Joan, enjoy your time. Feel free to let me know how it goes 😊

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