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Features and published writing by Kyomi Wade.

BRB Travel

A locals guide to dining in Berlin. For a newcomer fresh in Germany, the conversation of local food in Berlin can be somewhat baffling. It’s presumed that Bavarian cuisine–food born of the southeast of Germany–is the same type of grub that you can expect on your visit. However, though you can, and should enjoy currywurst on a street corner or freshly cooked pork from a market, the best of Berlin’s dining options are more diverse…

Travel Noire

This Expert Expat Dishes On Finding Work Abroad.

Kyomi Wade is an expat who has mastered the art of finding work abroad. We spoke with her to get her tips on job hunting.


3 Freelancers On Making It Work Financially & Knowing Your Worth

“I sat down with three talented freelancing women to ask about their experiences negotiating for pay, promoting themselves and overcoming gender bias in working world.” Words by Georgina Lawton

Signature Bride

10 Black Female Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

Keen to plan a destination bachelorette party, wedding or honeymoon but uncertain where to start looking for inspiration for your dream destination? Look no further than these 10 Black female travel bloggers who are unveiling gorgeous locales around the world while giving us a solid dose of wanderlust with their Black girl magic. Words by Lola Méndes

We Are Travel Girls

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville.

There are many reasons to be drawn to Seville, Andalucía’s capital city. But it’s the city’s creative vibes that have always stood out to me. Seville’s creative soul can be felt in the cafés, art spaces, and underground flamenco dance studios…

Black Ballad

Dating As A Black Woman In Spain: A date with a guy from the South of Spain that went South, very quickly…

We were both stuck. He, naivety shining from his eyes, trying to smile through a particularly hairy conversation. Me, trying to mask my expressive face, and line up words that weren’t – well, wildly disrespectful…

Glamping Hub Blog

Finding your perfect writer’s retreat with Kyomi.

The writer’s retreat—an enthralling concept for any writer who takes themself even semi-seriously. There is something about carving out the time to just write, in beautiful surroundings, that makes you feel like something great is happening…

Postscript London

Original poem featured in issue 2 of POSTSCRIPT – The Reinvention Issue.

Editorial, on sensuality: exploring female sensuality and its physicality across different ages and forms. redistributing control in fantasy, the accompanying poetry represents intimate thoughts brought to light.

RESET Travel

Quitting your job for a move abroad and a fresh start has become so romanticised that it’s easy to forget how difficult the process can be. Kyomi is open about how hard it was, refreshingly so in a world that only shares the highlights (particularly when it comes to travel.) When she first moved to Seville alone at 26…

Sadness and Short Bliss

The debut poetry collection from Kyomi Wade. Read more here.

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