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Montseny Mountains: hiking just outside of Barcelona

December 4, 2016

On my recent trip to Barcelona, I was convinced to see something different during my 4 days. I was also buzzing to try out an experience from Trip4Real, the local guide service that has been recently acquired by Airbnb. I was particularly excited as I knew the business was Barcelona born, meaning they were bound to have acquired a good network of locals to show me the real Barcelona, but in this case more Catalonia.

If you’ve read a few of my other posts, you’ll know that I like to hike, so when I came across ‘Half day Nature Hike near Barcelona with Miquel’ on my Barcelona search – I knew this was what I wanted to do with one of my days in the city.


The hike took us to a place, 5 minutes from Barcelona; a little town called Figaro. It was a low intensity short hike (2.5 hours), but the route is marked and it is possible to do a full days’ hike if you so wish.




My tour was lead by an unassuming academic named Miquel (he holds a PHD in the history of science). Very knowledgable but also able to ‘start from the beginning’ as he also does local school tours, teaching the kids about the nature surrounding the hike. As a child, I hated history, but in my adult life I find it so interesting, so I was like a sponge lapping up his renditions of the Spanish inquisition and tales behind the bruja (witch) leaves.


As it was just him and I, it was a very relaxed tour. I felt I was just doing a hike with a friend (and yes I felt safe, before you ask! haha). Tours are normally done with minimum two people, and I think it could be nice for any party: couple, friends, or a big group.




€25 euro


Montseny Mountains, 1 hr from Barcelona by train.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 15.33.09.png

Around 1 hour from Barcelona by train

Additional Info

Check out Miquels’ website to book a history of science tour around Barcelona, or a hike in Montseny mountains >

Alternatively go onto Trip4Real’s Barcelona nature category for similar experiences. Update: as Trip4Real has now been acquired by Airbnb I think you will have to use directly to find a similar experience. 



To see the full itinerary of my Barcelona experience, see Back to Barcelona – my first real solo trip in 3 years.

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