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Barcelona: a night of homemade Paella and live music

November 16, 2016

I’ll set the scene for you. I’m in the bar of my hostel, and it’s my first night in Barcelona. As the time passes and the chatter and laughs become louder I begin to panic – how will I spend my night in this big city?

I went on to couchsurfing – my first time by the way! And found a few events that tickled my fancy. One particularly stood out as it was called Grandma Paella Party. Knowing me you’ll know that it could have said any word on either side of ‘paella’ and I would have been there! I whatsapped the organiser at 6.30pm (event started at 8pm) and asked if I could still join; he sent me a welcoming voice note and told me of meet him in front of Poble Sec station.

NOTE: although I had no idea where that was at the time but it was only around 30 mins from my hostel. I often found that most places where no more than 30 minutes from my hostel (I stayed at Casa Gracia Hostel).

I never like to make my ‘what to do’ posts too long so I’ll try to summarise it for you! We ate yummy homemade tapas and paella, had sangria, laughed a lot, saw an amazing live music jam session in an underground bar – all for 20€. Aside from that I really enjoyed getting to know the people from the night and one I went on to hang out with the next day. The host was lovely and really made people come out of their shell 🙂






A few minutes from Poble Sec station, and then onto a bar in Arc de Triomf.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 19.53.30.png

Click for the route to Poble Sec


You can find them on Facebook here:

Here is the original couchsurfing event:







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