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Berlin: Glory Duck (Asian food)

January 5, 2017

In life, or rather – in the life of a food lover. There are some meals that you will never forget. Glory Duck in Berlin’s Friedrichshain is one of those meals. They offer a variety of Asian dishes but I’d say it’s specifically geared towards Vietnamese and Thai flavours. The thing I loved the most? How full of vegetables my curry was – satisfying by healthy 🙂

This area of Friedrichshain is one of my favourites too. On this road you have another favourite of mine which is called Transit (which is basically an Asian Tapas restaurant) and I honestly couldn’t pick which is better out of the two. But because this is a nice street, home to the well reviewed 1st floor hostel and A&O hostel and right next to Ostkreuz station – there are many reasons to return.


King Prawn Curry with a coconut sauce



I paid 10.50€ for my meal but other curries were as low as 8.50€. Really reasonably priced. Anything from soups, to curries to stir-fries.


Friedrichshain, East Berlin. For more on why I like and recommend the Friedrichshain area, head to My Experiences.


Click for directions from OstKreuz station to Glory Duck in Google Maps


The Glory Duck Facebook Page

Monday-Saturday 12:00-24:00

Sunday – 14:00-24:00

Address: Sonntagstraße 31, 10245 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 63965331


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