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Poem: Sleep, Interrupted

March 30, 2018

Today I try to sleep softly, like a baby, while holding chunks of my broken heart, the pieces are heavy, but still cannot pull me to slumber / it’s hard to lay a heavy finger of blame, when it broke so subtly, quietly, and plentifully in different places, so many times throughout the day / it’s hard to hold yourself together, but don’t you escape, disappear through the cracks like your loose tears, though it is a thankless weight / today I crumble with it, kneeling into my fate, when I fall my hands follow and land in prayer, they prayed, they prayed / an ache to be lifted, a lightness like the morning, such faith I have in this night that drip-feeds me poison I gladly take / a mix of hope and temporary blindness, it is madness to believe in its magic, but still I close my eyes desperately, I wait, I wait.

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