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To my brother: if I could get the words out I would tell you just how much I love you

January 1, 2018

Zacharia you are love itself, I cannot think of another form more pure, my heart suffocates my mouth, whenever you wander out of the door, I squirm thinking of people that will bruise you, both outside and in, I pick up my fallen stomach, imagining how danger may chase you.

I am always thinking of you, then not, I find missing you strips me of comfort, my mind cannot fathom the distance, and so I stay missing, like forgotten stones on an uneven pavement. There is somewhere where I keep you, don’t worry, I could never forget about what I hold so dear, it is in a chamber of my heart, with warmth and hugs for years.

Zacharia you must never feel lonely, I am listening ear forever, whether you whisper to me silently through telepathy, or you use a phone to ferociously text me, as long as I exist I am your friend, in body and soul I will be always be there, to support you on this journey called life, and when I can, waive away your fears.

Zacharia I am your sister and I love you, so you must never worry about those people, the mean ones, the ones that see your value too late, the ones that tease away your smile with hate. Rest at night with a mind as light as your pillow, let my love coat you in a magical blanket, at least in your dreams take the world I want to give to you, alongside happiness and love, so much love.

(Written for my little brother)

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