Paris: fancy eat – Hotel du Nord

Hotel du Nord is a pleasure to dine in. Charming and playful customer service, good food and quite a mouth watering creme brûlée. It’s also located next to the lively and beautiful Canal Saint-Martin, which is a great place to meander during the day.




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Opening hours: 10:30am–1:30am

102 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France

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0 thoughts on “Paris: fancy eat – Hotel du Nord

  1. phildange says:

    You don’t seem to be aware of the peculiar past of this place . “Hôtel du Nord” is a mythical 1938 movie, with mythical actors ( Arletty and Louis Jouvet), some mythical dialogues every French knows . The movie takes place in this very hotel and around the canal in a time when Paris was still dwelled by working class Parisians and shows popular people speaking in Parisian slang .

  2. phildange says:

    Sure the place owes a lot to the movie . Still now it’s a bit of legend and the actual owners benefit from it . No I haven’t been since I always avoid touristic places and I was quite sure I wouldn’t meet the characters of the film … nor the 30s working classes spirit By the way .

    • Wading Wade says:

      Haha Phil, I understand, and it’s fair, it is a touristy place! I also do prefer less touristy places, but if you’re looking for a decent meal and a buzzy atmosphere, I think it does the job!

      I bet you’ve discovered some brilliant little eats in your travels…. Have you got any blog/ network I can follow?

  3. phildange says:

    No sorry, I traveled in several different continents but I confess I don’t care of food ( yes I’m French !) . I always try to mix with the local people in order to feel the world like they do . This includes languages but I regret I’m not attracted by food .

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