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Chiang Mai: cooking class

April 17, 2016

There are many cooking classes to choose from in Chiang Mai, but I opted for this as it had the flexibility to do a half day experience (my party and I were trying to jam pack as much as we could into our Chiang Mai stay!)

This was a fun, informative experience which produced a lovely meal at the end of it. The host who takes you on a tour of the market and later instructs you how to cook the meals was cheeky, fun and personable.

You start the experience by choosing which dishes you would like to cook, then to head to a market where you learn about all the ingredients that will feature in your meals. Expect fragrant smells and chilli tasting!

You are then divided into groups to prepare the ingredients, but then prepare your dishes solo. It is a very jokey environment watching people get it ‘oh-so-wrong’ and the host proclaim “what are you doing??”


The end result (or my end result rather) looks a little like this. Then you get a cool cook book to take home.


Prices range from 800-3,00Bhat. On the lower end you are looking at a half day (what I did) on the higher end you are looking at a private session.


You can usually get picked up from your hostel or hotel if you are within the ‘square’. Definition of the Chiang Mai square: formerly a walled square, with some bases remaining. The square contains the old city, the new city remains outside the ‘walls’ – staying within the walls is a good shout if you want to be picked up for experiences.

For Taxi quote the following: โรงเรียนสอนทำอาหารไทย “ไทยคิชเเช่น” ถ.ลอยเคราะห์ ซอย 1

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