Meet the Travellers Series


Question: so who are these elusive travellers who journey the world and do awesome stuff?? Answer: they’re just the same as you and me! Follow Meet The Travellers series on Instagram.

Meet the Travellers is a series profiling travellers from different backgrounds, talking about how they do it, why they do it, and how it’s contributed to their life in a positive way. Aside from fun travel tales, I get them to get useful with their chat – offering you guys some real takeaways for your own endeavours. Looking for their go-to travel apps or most useful item? Scroll down my friends…

  • Move to a new city at the start of Covid, and start a business: meet Amy
    Beekeeper, badass entrepreneur, and Barcelona bound. I talk to Amy, 29, from Los Gatos, CA about her unfortunately-timed move to a new city and how it led her to switch careers and embrace starting a business. We talk about submitting, making friends, strategy and more.
  • Meet the Travellers Series: Jazz “Find the positivity in everything”
    Jazz, Thailand, 25, is a highly creative individual and businesswoman who travels, and lives according to the beat of her own drum. Born-and-bred originally in the US, at a young age she experienced homelessness, which fueled her passion & effortless transition to full-time travel since the tender age of 19. But believe it or not, that wasn’t even the thing that first drew me towards her. I first came across Jazz on Instagram a few years ago, her profile was bursting with bright colours, rich reflective captions – with a little bit of poetry, and unapologetic creativity. I, as we say in the current Instagram age, officially had found a girl crush (insert heart eyes emoji here). But deeper than that, and what struck me the most, was the feeling that I could see her freedom from her profile. I learnt more about her life and I was suitably inspired. I first enjoyed simply following her on the gram. And eventually, we connected. *** A year ago, Jazz sat down with me for a few hours via Skype, her in Thailand and I in Bali, and we finally got to properly talk. And surprise surprise, she had the same energy […]
  • Meet the Travellers Series: Stephen “think different, see different”
    Stephen, 24, San Francisco is a developer and part time world-walker. Born in Ukraine, but brought up in east London, his journey is a classic tale of how understanding what’s out there in that big bad world – makes you that much more richer on the inside. With especially refreshing honesty about his relationship with travel, he was unafraid to talk about the vulnerable moments of travelling and spent no time romanticising it either. Stephen and I met in a coffee shop in east London, where he gave me his story for the first time: top to bottom. Fast forward to today and he is currently working at huge tech company Slack in San Francisco, and creating his own nonprofit digital platform called 25sense which helps people donate to different charities in an innovative way. I was sure that his experience, and in turn travels, had led to him to this point today. Enjoy his tale and I hope you find it useful, as ever. When did you first realise that travel was going to be a big part of your life? When I was growing up I did a lot of travelling with my family. I was born in Ukraine; […]
  • Meet The Travellers: Knut “Love passionately, adventure often”
    Meet Knut, an online entrepreneur who has been travelling for the last 6 years, and is still counting. A gleeful cynic – read how travelling has built his confidence, career and purpose.
  • Meet the Travellers: Amina “Nothing belongs to anyone we’re all human, all strangers on this earth”
    Meet Amina, full time biological science PHD student, part time blogger/ vlogger and committed traveller. She travels for fun, education and most importantly, family.
  • Meet the Travellers: Jade “Why should life be ordinary when it could be extraordinary?”
    Meet Jade, a free spirit 9 to 5er who works in travel and explores the world in her free moments. A true dreamer and doer, she’s built a career in London and avoided being an ‘I wish’ person at the same time.