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  • Poem: Houtouwan Village
    I was recently inspired by a breathtaking image of vegetation that has grown over a remote village named Houtouwan, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, and eventually a poem came to my mind, please enjoy the image and my words below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.
  • Most read by you: a look back at the last two years
    When revamping the blog, I looked at the analytics to get a true picture what people have enjoyed reading the most. And so, this blog gives a round up of the top 5 posts between 2018-2020!
  • Poem: Safe travels
    “Okay then, disappear my darling, darling you are / Go into the damp tunnel of troubled mind, and step all over your fleshy parts / but try not to break anything. Be stealth.”
  • Stillness in Spandauer Forst: a Berlin tiny house getaway
    A train to the end of the U-Bahn line, plus one additional 10 minute bus, and I was in Spandauer Forst, Berlin, for the weekend where I stayed in a tiny house. In this piece I recount my musings from the forest centre, and my encounter with its inhabitants.
  • The Unknown of the Backyard: what the local movement is teaching me about home
    What the local movement teaches us about exploring home and connecting with local wonders and businesses.
  • Poem: Want for Everything: an ode to my generation
    Heartbreak in your late-twenties is tired pain, lazy darkness that stays with you a stomach never still an inconspicuous quality to your movement a muted expression in your eyes, so much so that as the years go you forget the hot ember that rumbles inside It’s not like you don’t try, blooming into the future stretching high to God reaching out for opportunity with wise fingers But the fear cracks your bark-like skin, and the pain lies beneath like sap and I suppose it’s always breaking and there is no way to turn back This heartbreak becomes my generation hiding our intimacy with crisp leaves and pretty flowers, we are seen and bare skin bereft of hope glittering in moonlight It is a legacy there is no healing, only years an abyss of abundance where you crack slightly open eternally-spilling onto the horizon What fleeting beauty stretching out running like water onto a bed of pain so much bleakness in the air so much love we crave
  • How to Use Airbnb to Have a Local Travel Experience
    From someone who has stayed in over 14 Airbnbs and has tried-and-tested Airbnb Experiences, a guide to a local travel experience using the Airbnb platform.
  • My favourite ASMR videos – introducing you to the pure and peaceful world of ASMR
    It’s either, you want to know what on earth ASMR is and whether you should try it for yourself, or you already know you like it and are looking for some new recommendations. In this post I give an overview and insight into the world of ASMR and share my ever-growing but carefully-curated ASMR playlist.
  • 8 smart ways to prepare for your move abroad
    8 smart ways to prepare for your move abroad in the modern age, by someone who’s lived abroad four times before. There is a very strong mood in my life at the moment, and that is remembering the beginning of starting life abroad. Nestled between reading Shantaram, recounting my first six months in Berlin and writing a book about my year in Seville (New Sevilla Blues) I am suspended in that scary, unknown and exciting headspace. Since we established in my last poll that you are most interested in the subject of ‘Moving abroad’ and ‘How to move abroad’ I decided to create content that will explore all the topics from planning, to every-day life, and staying forever! This week, I want to delve into the preparation of the move! Though you may already be dreaming of your new chapter, there are a few things to remember before you depart that can make your move so much smoother. 1. Have a proper clear-out Throw on the Netflix documentary on minimalism or Marie Kondo if you so wish, and start being honest with yourself about what you need to keep in your life. If you are moving I am going to […]
  • Poem: Weak Coffee
    Yes yesI love youMore each dayIt is a dull dullAche that feelsLike my breathBut they tell meThe weak coffeeIs unforgivable.With it, sometimes I wake, I forget its tasteIt is the blessing of the Morning right beforeThe mourning brewsYou, it is a desertedDrink I pour eachDay, that leaves meDry and you tiredOf me. It is nothingI want, I knowYou won’t drinkBut these handsAre bound by Ritual, desperationIn the residual Pouring pouringDown the sinkI am wastedIn love