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Poem: Houtouwan Village

September 15, 2020

I was recently inspired by a breathtaking image of vegetation that has grown over a remote village named Houtouwan, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, and eventually a poem came to my mind, please enjoy the image and my words below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Houtouwan village
I uttered its named
It had my heart, was my heart
And so I spoke importance to it

But the vegetation consumed and
there is only one person with the power
one that is seen, It is not me
It is not Houtouwan

Though its shape is full and present
The coating, the consuming
Was silent like paint to a nail
Was smooth to its tip
Filled in windows of light
With a gentle pull of the curtain
grew with natures slow persistence
Over what it loved

And I cannot help but picture you
brushing aside the strands of my hair
Hand hovering above my body
As if you prayed before you took me—
Clothed me with new skin

I stand beside you with earthy stature
no resistance in my soles of my feet
You plentiful and ever-fruitful
Vast like deep forest

I welcome your multiplying because it is my destiny, beauty, transforming me
quietly, our dance some kind of Deity
Taking its hold with the gentle entwining

Yours, the leaves that line me
Yours, in wilful binding
Yours, to fill time with
Your, Houtouwan village

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