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Most read by you: a look back at the last two years

July 1, 2020


When revamping the blog, I looked at the analytics to get a true picture what people have enjoyed reading the most. And so, this blog gives a round up of the top 5 posts between 2018-2020!

If you are new to the blog this is the perfect place to start. If you’ve been a reader you might want to peek at something new, or dip back into an old favourite.

If you do read, let me know and share to celebrate my relaunch with me! See you on the socials.

1. The best cafés of Seville: by a serial café dweller and Seville local

5 well-loved finds from my time living in stunning Sevilla.

2. New City Blues: moving to a new country alone and 7 tips to get you through

Strategies and practices to keep your spirits high during your move and new life abroad.

3. Meet the Travellers: Vagabond Jazz “Find the positivity in everything”

Jazz, Thailand, 25, is a highly creative individual and businesswoman who travels, and lives according to the beat of her own drum. This is my interview with her.

4. A Creative Awakening in Paris

A solo trip to Paris, with lots of local happenings and a creative twist. A perfect itinerary in my humble opinion.

5. Berlin: Girl meets City?

You’ve seen the story before, except the ‘boy’ is a ‘city’: a love letter to Berlin from a new-in-town Londonder who is very much so in the honeymoon phase.

Hey lovely reader, if you’ve made it down here, I’d love to know what you want to see more of on the blog. Let me know in the comments or on any of my social media channels.

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