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Poem: Safe travels

June 28, 2020

Okay then, disappear
my darling, darling you are
Go into the damp tunnel
of troubled mind, and step
all over your fleshy parts
but try not to break anything.
Be stealth. Treat the walls
how you treat me, kiss the roof
as you do my forehead
Be silent as you are when you don’t
want to wake me in the mornings
and in return it will
return you to me

When you join us again
and we are in the throws of daily life
huddled on the sofa
united by some movie
Make it my blanket that you silently lift up
slip under into the nooks of my body
like you never left
We will look straight on, not making a fuss
no mention of where you went, or go
But under the blanket
I will gently squeeze your thigh
So you know I am there
So you know you are home

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