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Poem: Want for Everything: an ode to my generation

March 1, 2020

Heartbreak in your late-twenties

is tired pain,

lazy darkness

that stays with you

a stomach never still

an inconspicuous

quality to

your movement

a muted expression

in your eyes,

so much so

that as the years go

you forget

the hot ember

that rumbles inside

It’s not like you don’t try,

blooming into the

future stretching

high to God

reaching out

for opportunity

with wise fingers

But the fear cracks

your bark-like skin,

and the pain

lies beneath

like sap

and I suppose

it’s always breaking

and there is

no way


turn back

This heartbreak


my generation


our intimacy

with crisp leaves

and pretty flowers,

we are seen and

bare skin

bereft of hope


in moonlight

It is a legacy

there is no healing,

only years

an abyss of abundance

where you crack

slightly open


onto the horizon

What fleeting beauty

stretching out

running like water

onto a bed of pain

so much

bleakness in the air

so much

love we crave

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