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My favourite ASMR videos – introducing you to the pure and peaceful world of ASMR

July 7, 2019

If you’re reading this, I suppose you are one of two camps. It’s either, you want to know what on earth ASMR is and whether you should try it for yourself, or you already know you like it and are looking for some new recommendations. If the latter applies to you I suggest you scroll down and enjoy my ever-growing but carefully-curated youtube playlist I have linked to below.

What is ASMR?

If you are wondering what ASMR is, I am happy to let you in on my own experience with it. Firstly, what is the definition of ASMR? According to Google, it can be classed as the following:

“Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.”

In the ASMR community, this feeling is described as tingles. But the tricky thing about tingles is, it is not something that is possible to experience by everyone. And for those who can’t it is hard to imagine why someone would want to experience that or what they are even talking about. Also the chances are, that if you can experience tingles, you’ve probably experienced unknowingly before. Might it be when someone was brushing your hair when you were younger or whispering to you. It can be described as a tingling sensation that creeps up the back of your neck, for some people it also reaches the arms and legs.

What I didn’t know before writing this article and researching it, is that you can actually experience ASMR in two ways, one is simply by mediating on a thought or a scene that pleases you and the other is by watching a video, listening to a recording, or of course real life.

Why do people watch ASMR videos?

The interesting thing about my own journey is that I hardly ever get tingles, but that isn’t actually why I watch it. I found ASMR at a heightened-stressful period of my life, and when I was having some challenges with my mental health. I found the videos first would help me dose off when my mind would keep me up thinking, but secondly that they would help me with the period of decompression that comes after a long day. It’s now become a staple background noise that I put on to restore a sense of calm, which I find helps with my productivity and maintaining stress-levels. I do occasionally experiences tingles but it’s quite rare, I would say it is 5% of the time for me.

What are the different types of ASMR videos?

The sheer breath of ASMR videos is really important to understand before you start your exploration. In mainstream media, I think it has been characterised a lot by the ‘listening to people eat’ style, but there is a lot out there! And it’s worth noting, that even the ASMR artists themselves have preferences on the styles they and don’t like doing. One of my Favourite ASMR artists: Maria Gentle Whispering, doesn’t like those types of videos at all, for example.

The different types of styles are called ‘triggers’. Some of these triggers are: whispering, tapping, crinkling, soft-speaking, personal attention, eating, hair brushing, tapping, massage, rain, air sounds, role play, make up videos and much more. No matter your initial reaction to this phenomenon, as a proud member of the ASMR community, I can’t stress how much of a pure part of the internet it is. The comments section of videos is often people thanking the artists for helping them with their insomnia, stress or a specific tick.

An ASMR playlist for beginners

Alas, my personal ASMR playlist. I only add my favourites to this list, and by that it means I’ve listened to it several times. I am fond of make up videos, hair brushing and certain personal attention videos—which of course may not be the triggers for you. Either way I hope this blog has helped demystify the world of ASMR a little. Let me know if you enjoy the playlist or tell me about your own journey with ASMR below.

ASMR youtube playlist

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