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London: Maltby Market – Europe’s best food market?

April 20, 2017

“It’s Europe’s best food market” the Market Manager of Maltby Market tells me.


“That’s what the people say”

I nod in appreciation. The statement is up for debate between more season food market visitors, I think, but I was inclined to say it may be one of London’s best secrets. I say that because as a life long Londoner, I hadn’t yet been, and as a life long Londoner, I was deeply impressed.

Maltby Market is small and perfectly formed. It is one fairly short and very vibey strip of incredible food, and only a short and scenic walk from London Bridge station. I was actually on tourist mode with a friend of mine from Germany when I visited, so the sight-seeing on the walk there was really perfect.


Views on the walk from London Bridge station


More views on the way + me being a tourist

Being at Maltby market gave me a sense of craftsmanship. Maybe due to it’s size, or the quality of vendors, but I felt as if each stall had been mulled over and specially selected to appear. As a food lover I walked up and down the strip in anguish: what to try first?? My selections didn’t disappoint I’m happy to say, and I’ll go into more below. But in short Londonders, tourists, this is worth your time. And this is probably where I’d send you as apposed to Borough Market, which is great, but just didn’t quite have the same magic.


Okay, we are in London so cheap really isn’t our forte. I’ll take you through what I got.


I paid around £6 for a smoothie, really good.


The most amazing dish I’ve had in my life! Persian food via Devi’s (see below) £8


Check this out if you head there, plant based Persian cuisine – incredible


Yes I had dessert – no regrets £5


12 minute walk from London Bridge station. Very scenic.


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